New Music Video from L.E.X

Official video for the song “Black Tears And Smiles” written and produced by L.E.X

Video directed by Aidan Dresang

About The Album

“Black Tears And Smiles” is a children’s Hip-Hop album that allows students, educators, and families the opportunity to hear a teacher speak with the perspective of a Black man that has thrived in a society often made difficult for Black men and Black boys. Though there are many references to identifying as a man, there are also themes of the importance of family, respecting women, self-identity, relationships, grief, the power of music, uplifting the youth, mass incarceration, and more. Pulling from many local and widely-known inspirations, L.E.X spills out various emotions to breathe life into a population often dehumanized. Laugh, cry, dance, sing, and use this album as a talking piece for everyone. Young or old. Dreams Start Young…

Listen to the full album “Black Tears and Smiles” available through all platforms: