New Album from Jordan Peters

Eclectic NYC Based Guitarist and Producer Jordan Peters releases his debut album “Dreams”. Listen to the album here.

About The Album

The album’s title, “Dreams”, is layered with meaning; “It refers to the idea that your goals, aspirations, and even your path in life can stem from dream states. I get inspired a lot from my dreams, whether it’s about important decisions I need to make, or even music that I’m working on. Sometimes I’ll have vivid musical dreams, where I’m either listening or performing music”, explains Jordan. “In the moment it’s all very clear, but the challenge is in trying to remember it all the next morning!”

The title of the album also signifies the idea of dreaming for a brighter future, whether it’s social justice, equality, environmental issues or overall positivity in this world. “With the political climate right now, “Dreams” felt like a relevant title. I wanted to touch on some of those issues in some way, and I was lucky to get my good friend Mike “Maz” Maher from the band Snarky Puppy to write and sing on a track inspired by those issues called “Étude for Humanity”.

The album features several NYC based musicians, notably drummers Obed Calvaire (SF Jazz Collective) and David Frazier (SZA), Mike “Maz” Maher” (Snarky Puppy), Sly5thAve (Ghostnote), violinist Lisanne Tremblay, and Producer/Keyboardist/ Engineer Jesse Fischer.