Hometown: THE BRONX, NY
Instagram: @fernandomgt /@thefoxandking_inc
Website: www.thefoxandkinginc.com

What is the current passion you are pursuing?

I’m someone who was raised on music, art, and film, and I’ve been lucky enough to build a career within the music industry. Currently I’m the founder and co-owner of The Fox & King, a Bronx/NYC based music agency that focuses on live music production, brand development, and media. I founded TFAK in 2011 and it’s been a beautiful journey. My initial goal was to create a record label that encompassed subsidiary areas that focused on live production, touring, management, branding, etc. And as we’ve developed those areas over the years I’m happy to say we’re nearing that goal – not to mention re-inventing the legendary Bronx Underground as The Underground to promote all-ages music in our borough. I want to bring Bronx energy into the music industry and utilize the skills I’ve honed to showcase the local artistic community as well as bridge the gap between the local and major areas of the industry. I’m proud to say that we were hard at work even through the Pandemic. We hosted an IG TV Livestream that featured over 25 artists, developed a television show, and laid the foundation for future festivals and show series’. 

What sparked your drive to pursue these passions?

The Bronx Underground. I was around 13 years old when I first stepped into the packed basement of The First Lutheran Church (FLC) off Bruckner Blvd and witnessed a local community of artists and fans almost two-hundred strong. The Bronx Underground hosted local rock, ska, reggae, and hardcore bands as well as those on tour and out of state every third Friday of the month at that time and witnessing live music, the energy of the crowd, and my friends on stage pushed me in this direction to pursue a career within the industry.

Can you describe an instance or a situation when you faced significant fear or doubt in your life in which you successfully came out on the other side?

Definitely! Once, after successfully holding a round of shows in The Bronx, I was looking at the chance to expand The Fox And King and I came across a bar in Brooklyn. For some reason, I booked four hardcore/metal bands for the bill for a 3pm Saturday slot. Needless to say – few people came, not many were drinking, and the windows were shaking from the amps.
The bartender left in charge wasn’t too pleased, however, I kept my cool and remained professional, offering assistance when I could. At the end of it all, the bartender asked what my plans were in this business and after laying it all on the line she told me she actually ran a music company – a week later I became her intern. Through this company I was given the opportunity to work at The CMJ Music Festival, SXSW, The Van’s Warped Tour, and other smaller events across the country. The moral of this story is to always remain composed and alert. Carry out the job no matter how shitty it becomes and walk out proudly. The world will take notice.

What is your overall mindset/mantra in pursuing your passion despite fear or obstacles that come your way?

As an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or simply someone striving to build something great, there will always be fear and obstacles in your way – both internal and external. I read a phrase some time ago that went “Sometimes you have to do it afraid” and that always stuck to me; facing a new opportunity, taking a meeting, and dealing with imposter syndrome are just some of the many blocks in your path. It’s up to you to simply get through it – fear or not. The music industry is competitive and nothing short of innovation will push you to a higher level, and for me, this is what helps me get by. By believing in myself and what I can offer, I upload a value to my talents that no one else can, and that no one can take away. 

 “Vincit qui se vincit” – or in English – “He conquers who conquers himself.” It’s tattooed across my chest and something I repeat to myself daily. This relates to the stress of daily life, of balancing your mental health, and overall pushing yourself to do more than yesterday.