Hometown: THE BRONX, NY
Instagram: @julyquin
Website: julyquinmp3.com

What is the current passion you are pursuing?

Honestly, it comes down to freedom. Hip-Hop music with the elements of R&B & Pop is what I write and create, but the freedom (including financial freedom) to make whatever I want is important to me. That’s where the passion lives. I got together with some friends of mine recently & we rented a space to perform & record live renditions of songs we made in my bedroom. That to me is nuts & liberating as well. It’s just one example of what I mean when I say freedom is what I’m pursuing.

What sparked your initial drive to pursue your passions?

Well I’ve been creating stuff since I was 14 & initially hip-hop kinda just found me. It was a safe space where I felt like I could do okay at a time I felt like a complete outcast. So since then I’ve always been pretty heavy on pursuing a life in music. Mostly because it felt good to be a part of something. And I learnt more about myself through it. It opened doors for me & founded friendships. Over time I got really good at it & it’s different mediums too. It holds a special place in my heart as one of if not the only thing I feel complete doing. So my drive lives in honoring that.

Can you describe an instance or a situation when you faced significant fear or doubt in your life in which you successfully came out on the other side?

Most days are instances filled with fear & doubt for me personally haha. Can’t lie & say that doesn’t get the best of me either. However I feel on the days of break-thru & not letting that influence me it’s almost euphoric to put stock in myself & just do the thing. It’s a powerful cheerful induced reminder of what’s possible if you simply try & do your best. A gentle reminder of your true self even.

What is your overall mindset/mantra in pursuing your passion despite fear or obstacles that come your way?

Commitment & consistency. That’s what I try to remind myself when things look bleak. That’s what works for me. Just keep your head down & do the work & you’ll at least block 80% of the nonsense that prevents you from moving forward if you festered & didn’t follow through.

The Jim Carrey quote might be a little cliche at this point but I do have a belief in it. The one where he says “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” If something improves the quality of your life then I think you should hold a strong space for what that is & the possibilities it could bring. To live in a fear so strong it paralyzes you from taking a chance, doesn’t sound like an actual life to me. So break the barrier & try your best.


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