Hometown: THE BRONX, NY
Passion: MUSIC
Instagram: @KonyBrooks
Website: konybrooks.com

What is the current passion you are pursuing?

I’m a hip hop artist and I’m passionate about truly shining a light on talent coming out of the inner city of New York. I partnered with Teddy Grahams to start ICMG2Deep which is an independent label based out of the Bronx, and have since then, began working as a managing partner with Yibambe Records. My goals for myself include becoming one of the greatest emcees to ever touch a mic and to put some of the most talented creatives ever in a position to share their art.

What sparked your initial drive to pursue these passions?

It all started in 1st grade with a poetry assignment. I was trying to get the approval of my older brother that I was a good writer and he told me it wasn’t all that good. From there, I just committed myself to getting better and eventually fell in love with the culture as a whole.

Can you describe an instance or a situation when you faced significant fear or doubt in your life in which you successfully came out on the other side?

It’s truly tough to choose one instance or situation because in all actuality it’s an everyday reality coming from where I come from. I live in fear everyday that I may not make it home at times due to my environment. The thing that keeps me moving forward is faith. Faith in my talent and faith that I’m following my calling each time I leave my door. Understanding that these conditions are chinks in the armor that ultimately build character.

What is your overall mindset/mantra in pursuing your passion despite fear or obstacles that come your way?

My overall mindset when it comes to pursuing my passion is ultimately paying it forward. It’s normal to be fearful of the future or face obstacles. When I’m facing these moments, my main objective is remembering that I was given this talent with the responsibility of sharing it with the world and to make someone else’s life better.

“Adversity only reintroduces you to yourself.”

I live by this quote and it grounds me in some of my darkest moments.


Listen to Goin Up here.