Hometown: FLUSHING, NY
Passion: B-BOY
Instagram: @willxfenz

What is the current passion you are pursuing?

 I’ve been a competitive B-Boy for over 14 years, since I was 12 YO, and the name of my crew is X-Fenz. I’m to the point where I’m obsessed and it translates into every avenue of my life where it can positively enhance my journey in this dance. I have traveled to various countries, states, performed for different artists, music videos, events, and competed in various sponsored battles (Red Bull, Monster Energy, etc.). I had a minor wrist surgery in 2018, I invested in a strength & conditioning/mobility trainer, massage therapist, and many dance classes of different styles (House, Hip-Hop, Lite-Feet, Popping, Dancehall, etc.). My most recent investment was diving into Real Estate as an investor and operating my own business to create financial freedom for my myself and family.

Anything in particular that sparked your drive to pursue these passions?

Initially, the way I was introduced to Breaking was by signing up for a Hip-Hop 101 class. It was part of a YMCA program they had in my junior high school, and at 11-12 years old, the only thing I wanted to do was be cool and impress girls, so I thought that was the answer. At some point, actual serious B-Boys had came to the program to practice and teach me and other people my age. Essentially the ones that learned from them had formed a crew and I wasn’t apart of that crew [yet]. They actually didn’t like me too much or accept me in yet, and that was one of my goals, to join their crew. That was the trigger that caused me to begin training really hard and eventually, I was decent enough to battle my way into the crew. Once I had joined, we had set out to battle at different competitions and create a reputation as a crew. That in itself introduced me to different people at different skillsets/levels, and I wanted to level up tremendously.

Fast forward to 2018, after having my Bachelor’s degree, getting hired for a job at starting salary, and recovering from my surgery, I was beginning to be limited to various opportunities. My most recent example was not being able to attend any auditions I was sent for In The Heights, as well as not be able to travel to different countries for competitions (Slovakia, China, etc.). One of my friends had recommended the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it had given me a tremendous realization. I didn’t want to work for anybody and I’m a terrible employee, despite having my Bachelor’s degree, as well as that you cannot be cheap when striving to be an elite athlete/dancer or even with your life, so the answer for me was to get into Real Estate Investing.

Can you describe an instance or a situation when you faced significant fear or doubt in your life in which you successfully came out on the other side?

Most recently, I had flown out of town to Orlando for competition-filled weekend. It was my second time competing this year and on day 1, I was getting a little too much into my head, I thought I wasn’t looking as good in my dance as I would’ve wanted, and there was some stress building. At one point, my legs felt like they were burning. When coming to the semi-finals and finals, we had tiebreaker rounds in each of those. The fear in my head would’ve been happy at one point earlier to have lost and be free of all the stress but the end result was taking the win and BEST BELIEVE, I was happy as shit I kept moving forward.

What is your overall mindset/mantra in pursuing your passion despite fear or obstacles that come your way?

I’ve adopted certain habits & routines from different books I’ve read & listened to and I’ve applied them throughout my daily life. I put time into building my mind before I give time towards anything or anyone else. This includes writing my goals down as the first thing to do when I wake up, making my bed (I want to start the day with excellence), saying my affirmations in the mirror, listening to a podcast or audiobook, meditating for 15-30 min., doing certain training exercises, and then finally starting my day with a shower & breakfast. Doing all this allows me to be aware of my surroundings and see that certain things start to align with what I choose to focus on, despite any fear or obstacles that may pop-up from time to time.

Some of my favorite quotes are from my mentor and other authors I’ve listened to:

“The Universe is waiting for YOU to show that you want this. Taking imperfect action FORCES the Universe to react. I wake up at 2:30 AM this morning so I send a message to the Universe. I want more for myself. I want more for my family. I want more for each one of you. The Universe has no choice when I show my desire through action.”- Pace Morby

“I learned that you can fail at what you don’t love, so you might as well do what you love. There’s really no choice to be made.” – Jim Carrey

“If you make success an option, then IT WON’T BE an option for you. Simple.” – Grant Cardone